• Project

    We have a proven track record of identifying compelling projects where we can add value for customers in various international markets with special focused attention on the ones that fall in line with our expertise. Our technical expertise coupled with financial resources enables us to take up projects of various magnitudes offering custom solutions to the customer as per the stated requirements. We ensure that all aspects of the customer’s requirements are duly considered before sharing a technically compliant and commercially competent proposal that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations.

  • Project planning and coordination

    As soon as we receive the notification of award, we prepare a project execution plan ensuring compliance to specific terms and conditions of the contract. We analyze the project execution plan keeping in mind the manufacturing, transit, delivery and installation schedules. Post analysis, we draw up the procurement / manufacturing activities plan in order to ensure that the deliverables are achieved as per the agreed deadlines.

    We help our customers to understand the process better by conveying our procurement & delivery schedules (prepared by our Purchase Department) and coordinating with the Logistics Department to come up with preliminary distribution schedule based on realistic, feasible and achievable goals. The Logistics Department is responsible for planning the movement and shipment of cargo to the final destination while ensuring the safety and integrity of the goods. The Technical Department will liaise with the end user institution for pre-installation planning to eliminate the chances of delay at any level once the contract is awarded. Our team works according to carefully drawn up plan to achieve on-time completion of the project and maintaining high service quality throughout the project tenure.

  • Supply of Equipment

    At Techfab International, we place emphasis on the supply of high quality equipment at competitive rates. We have excellent long term relationships with leading manufacturers, based globally who are associated with us for providing the best solutions for all projects. Our team ensures that the customer always gets the best equipment as per their requirements.

  • Logistics management

    Techfab International’s Logistics Management Department is responsible for overseeing the planning, execution and controlling the logistics required for the project in keeping with the parameters and guidelines of the latest edition of INCOTERMS. This involves sea-worthy/ air-worthy packing, to and fro movement of goods, proper storage of cargo, provision of seamless services, and management of information between point of origin and destination to ensure timely delivery of all goods.

    We have in our panel of logistic companies, internationally renowned shipping companies, logistics and freight forwarding companies for managing movement of our cargo globally for all active projects. The Logistics Management team at Techfab International have years of experience in managing and monitoring the shipment of cargo from the point of origin to the intended destination while ensuring the safety of the goods.

    Our experts make sure that all the measures are in place to avoid documentation or procedure related delays during transit. This helps in eliminating undue port demurrage and container detention charges. We track the cargo throughout the transit irrespective of air or marine transport mode, so we know exactly where the goods are while they are being shipped. Our team is also capable of managing deliveries to land locked countries in Africa.

  • Installation and commissioning

    After the contract is awarded, the Technical (Engineering) Department shares the details of the key requisites with the purchaser as well as the end user institution. The details relate to the facilities that are needed to be provided by each beneficiary for the installation of the equipment at the specified site. This communication is critical because the beneficiary institution would need to prepare the installation sites with the required pre-installation specifications (as specified by the Technical Department) so as to ensure the equipment is immediately installed and commissioned upon receipt at site.

    All the main pre-installation arrangements will be readied, checked and re-checked in coordination with the end user institutions. Our team of engineers would visit the facilities for making a thorough inspection and ascertaining the readiness of the site for the installation of the specified equipment. The purpose of such inspection is to help the customer / end user to prepare the facility for installation in keeping with the requirements.

    Once the equipment is delivered to the site, our technical expert commences the installation and commissioning of the equipment as per site requirement. Invite is also ensured to the end users / customer, to witness and understand the installation process as it will help them to maintain the equipment in a better manner. This is also a part of the training program that is provided to the users for fully understanding the different functions of the equipment. Witnessing the installation gives them a basic understanding of the construction as well as operation of the respective equipment.

    Our Engineering/Technical Department comprises technically competent and highly experienced personnel from diverse disciplines such as Mechanical, Civil, Electronics, Electrical, Instrumentation and Bio-Medical Engineering backgrounds. Their contribution to the commissioning and installation process helps in ensuring success and satisfactory achievement of deliverables.

  • Training

    Delivering equipment for different projects is just one aspect of Techfab International’s services. Without proper training, it would not be possible for the user to fully utilize the equipment and obtain the maximum benefit out of it. Each equipment that we provide is specific and has its own set of functions which need to be understood carefully before working with it. This is why Techfab conducts a USER TRAINING PROGRAM which is managed by our experienced team of engineering professionals. The team provides in-depth training to the designated personnel and ensures that they are fully trained for operating the equipment without any further assistance.

    The training program is conducted after all the equipments are installed and commissioned with satisfactory function/ operation of each equipment ensured with trial runs. In addition to providing end-user training, we provide training materials such as Training manuals, user, operation and maintenance manuals, trouble shooting instructions etc. in the language that the customer can fully understand. These materials act as reference documents and help the personnel to appreciate the equipment resulting in proper usage deriving maximum benefit.

  • After sales

    After-Sales services are important for ensuring the smooth functioning of the equipment post installation at the site. Techfab International’s Technical Department strives to ensure full utilization of the equipment to comply with its pre-designed specifications and providing preventive maintenance support.

    We make sure that all the necessary arrangements to stock sufficient spare-parts as inventories for providing after-sales services through our own companies or through our internationally renowned associates. The services are provided during and after the warranty period as per requirement.

    Our team ensures that complete technical support is provided to the users for ensuring smooth functioning and proper operation of the respective equipment. We also provide online support wherever applicable and required. This helps us to serve our customers in the best manner possible and earn high levels of customer satisfaction.