About US

Techfab International Private Limited (as ISO 9001: 2008 certified company by TUV NORD since March 2001) specializes in undertaking supply, installation, commissioning and training projects, having undertaken numerous projects in infrastructure, industry, water & sanitation, health, education, research sectors in the African region.

During the course of over two decades, Techfab International has grown in size as well as its activities with a strong presence in over 11 countries within Africa (Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi).

Techfab International has been in the forefront working with government, corporate, associates and local communities in Africa addressing challenges associated with project execution. We possess a strong understanding of the local communities in addition to substantial penetration in the region. This has not only enabled us to become a major player in the market, but has also laid the foundation for future expansion into other geographies.

We strive to uphold the highest standards in offering technically compliant equipment, products and related services. Being a frontier market specialist with a well-established presence in Africa, the company is slated to expand its operations to 15 countries in the coming five years.

The “Techfab” Advantage

Our efforts are directed at establishing strong partnerships in the markets and ensuring a visible order pipeline for the quality vendors associated with us. We relentlessly focus on executing projects while adhering to the highest quality standards for creating a sustainable business pipeline and delivering unmatched competitive advantage.

By associating with us, you can be assured of:

  • 100% project execution from project identification to after-sales support
  • Cost effective and market competitive sourcing
  • Highly efficient logistics
  • Simple yet effective communication with a single point-of-contact
  • Detailed planning and briefing of project
  • Regular reporting throughout the project’s execution
  • Timely achievement of milestones / deliverable
  • Competitive pricing


We have always placed a strong emphasis on our values. Our success has been built on the quality and commitment of our people and their ability to work with each other, challenging and supporting where appropriate to create a team with a common goal and purpose.



To build a company that customers and manufacturers want as a strategic partner; that employees are proud to work for; that our competitors admire; and that our communities and shareholders recognize as a company that matters in the world.


  • Passion

    Perform with enthusiasm to achieve our objectives and aspire to be the best at what we do.

  • Integrity

    Be open and honest and act ethically with a right first time attitude.

  • Challenge

    Question the way we do things and look to improve on processes and techniques to deliver value to our stakeholders.

  • Collaboration

    Working together with all stakeholders and sharing best practice to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

200+ Projects Completed

Over the years, numerous projects have been completed to the employers’ fullest satisfaction. Project completion certificates are available project wise to evidence this.

Targeted 11-15 African Countries

During the course of over two decades, Techfab International has grown considerably, both in size as well as its activities, having executed over 200+ projects in 11 African countries. The company is targeting to expand its operations to 15 countries in the coming five years.

Our Strong Vision

To be the customer’s and manufacturer’s preferred partner.

Our Team

Our team is dedicated and committed to one goal

Year-on-year improvement in customer satisfaction that ensures repeat business from the same customer, thereby creating brand “TECHFAB INTERNATIONAL” as the leading project execution company in Africa.


We endeavor to create a dynamic platform for our ‘doers’ to learn, grow and finally mentor. We profoundly refer them as ‘Team Techfab’. Techfab International is an exciting place to work, learn and grow. Since 1993, Techfab International has been in the forefront working with government, corporate, associates and local communities in Africa addressing challenges associated with project execution. Techfab International is committed to bringing best-in-class equipment, services and resources to market particularly in Africa. Our relentless focus on quality project execution with technology helps in forging stronger relationships with customers and win the trust of our business associates and vendors.

Armed with core values, we continually focus on developing our Techfab Team in giving our customers, business associates and vendors the experience of a trusted partner. With enduring values and integrity, we consider every challenge as an opportunity for improvement and every success as an encouragement in raising the bar higher.

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